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Dear Customer:

The Smudg G’Luv Company has taken a new product from idea to reality.  Our goal is to provide the tech industry with a new accessory line to use with different electronic devices sold in the retail industry.

This product is intended to be used as a two-fingered, snug fitting glove for applying hand navigation on electronic device screens.  Its main use is to prevent smudging to the screen keeping it virtually clean for smudgeless touchscreen operation.  This product may be used on GPS devices, I-Pads®, I-Phones®, the new palm pre®”, I-Pods®, Blackberries®,Touchscreen Computers, Bookreaders and more.  May also reduce germ contact at ATM Keyboards. Great for casino and slot machine users - helps reduce germ contact from other users.

Manufactured with the highest quality fabric it has been proven and tested.  The Smudg G’Luv is fashionable, expandable, durable and is designed for extended use and comfort.

Should you be interested in purchasing this product please contact me at your convenience.

Anthony S. Rimando








Technical Information:

1. Prior to using the glove clean device screen per manufactures recommendations.

2. Sizing the smudge glove when you order. Glove is snug fitting. The purchaser shall order the size he or she normally wears. Example: if normal wear size is a medium order the medium size.

3. Carefully insert hand into glove making sure fingertips have a snug fit, for optimum operation (glove works thru body heat transfer) wear at least 2-3 minutes. Gently pull the seams at fingertips towards back of finger nail, this will eliminate any obstruction between the screen and glove material.

4. Screens at Atm Machines are constructed with heavier gauge glass. Application requires more pressure for glove to work properly.

5. For best results wash as needed, delicate cycle, warm water and mild detergent is best recommended. You may want to purchase an additional glove for laundry rotation.

6. Do not use near excessive heat or open flame.

7. Do not use glove if elastic band restricts circulation at wrist or feels uncomfortable.

8. Glove sizes are available in XS, S, M, L/XL. One neutral color (black).

9. 30 day money back guarantee with proof of purchase for any defects.

**The Original Smudg G’Luv company is not responsible for misuse and advises this product be used only for its original use and design.

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1.  The consumer who uses and owns electronic touch screen devices.   To aid and avoid the accumulation of oily smudges on the device screen.  An anti – smudge glove product.

Touchscreen Computers 
Smudge Glove Computer Screen
Smart Phones
smudge glove cell phone
2.  Sanitary - Acts as an anti – germ glove product.  Helps reduce exposure to germs and infectious bacteria. Reduces contact from possibly an infected screen or public key pad.  Bank atms, super markets, gas stations and even Casino slot –machines. 

Don’t Do This!
Smudge Glove No
Do This!
Smudge Glove Yes
  The consumer routinely uses these types of devices within their social norm.  What is the statistic of transmittable germs and bacteria (the common cold or flu etc…) that possibly infects the consumer  from using a dirty or infected screen?  Is it fact or hearsay, can the consumer become infected?  Be protected use the glove.
3.  Retailers, distributors and Manufactures.  Generates jobs for new opportunity.  Potential to increase company strengths.  A new product line that will virtually increase the quality of sales revenue. 

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